With the rebranding of RECOR by Lex & Turner, this iconic furniture brand is poised to craft inspiring new stories in the coming years — and even launch a few new brands.


RECOR has been renowned since 1949 for its craftsmanship, keen design sense, and passion for comfort. Above all, RECOR is genuine, authentic, and distinctly Belgian. These qualities provided ample reason for Lex & Turner to craft a new brand identity.



We drew on the rich heritage of RECOR, choosing a powerful, masculine aesthetic that contrasts with softer, lighter designs. At the same time, we maintained simplicity and refinement, essential for a premium brand experience. The result is a design that feels both timeless and modern.

The RECOR logo features an elegant serif typeface, emphasizing the brand's craftsmanship and rich history. Unique logos were designed for each department—Recor Seating, Recor Bedding, and Recor Group. These logos vary while maintaining a coherent visual identity.


Rich color palette

The colors 'charcoal' and 'white' provide a classic, timeless foundation, forming the core of the brand identity. These colors are complemented by a range of hues, including khaki brown, olive grey, and terracotta. This rich palette offers flexibility, ensuring the brand remains versatile and engaging.


The emblem of RECOR, a stamp-like shape, reinforces the brand's authenticity. This emblem appears on social media as well as on the labels of seats. The branding includes two graphic elements: the Recor logo as a frame, which adds layering and dynamism, and the cropped logo as a signature.


For comfort that lasts

For the baseline, we chose "For comfort that lasts. Designed in Belgium since 1949." This tagline emphasizes the quality and comfort of RECOR's products while underscoring the rich Belgian design tradition.

Our photographic style is abstract and refined. People and furniture merge in a play of shapes, lines, light, and shadow. This interplay creates a unique aesthetic and a timeless, serene atmosphere that perfectly aligns with 'le nouveau Recor.'

The renewed branding of RECOR is widely implemented, from trade show stands, seat labels, advertisements, and stationery to brochures. RECOR also makes a strong impression online today with the new brand identity.


When pride, métier, and comfort come together.

+32 (0)476 64 69 13
Koningin Astridlaan 38
3500 Hasselt, Belgium

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