Photography: Renaat Nijs

SoTasty. SoFresh. SoDifferent … SoNoen. SoNoen cooks and delivers energizing meals for companies. We made sure they got a finger-licking fresh branding.

We started out by creating a custom typo, from which the distinctive SoNoen logo was derived. Next, we picked the perfect color scheme to highlight the freshness of the local and honest products. 

SoNoen also pays special attention to ‘gluten-free’ and ‘lactose-free’ products. So we made sure to create custom icons for each topic. To top things off, we came up with a refreshing new baseline “Made with love tastes better”. 

Lex & Turner made sure everything came out ‘à point’: from menu design, photography, webdesign and inspiring copywriting (who’s up for a ‘Holy Moly’? ). Hungry yet? Make sure to check